For The Past 20 Years Carroll & Associates Has Improved Productivity Of Businesses Through Training & Consulting

As a staff developer, Dr. David Carroll has trained hundreds of managers, leaders, and executives in effective performance, team building, leadership, productivity, decision-making, and goal achievement. Workshops, conferences, and seminars range from a few hours to two-week residential programs. In addition to his extensive management and leadership experience, he offers common-sense ways for people to develop their skills and reach their full potential.

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Isn’t it peculiar

Isn’t peculiar that in California we raise the tax on cigarettes to minimize their proliferation and we legalize the use of marijuana, with one of the most  popular ways of using it, is smoking? Isn’t peculiar that we make such a noise about “vaping” and we legalize marijuana for “recreation” Isn’t peculiar we are downgrading […]

Americans going crazy

Back in San Diego. In my most recent post I wrote that while on the road in other countries the locals love to talk critical issues with people from the USA as long as they are certain we will not go crazy. Now the 3-4 million people running around the USA “going crazy.” I am sure my […]