FEAR driven behavior is a paradox

September 19, 2015 (San Diego) – FEAR driven behavior is a paradox

            In the world of auto insurance the underwriters usually raise you rates after the first accident. Why, because they know there is a much higher probability you will have a second accident than that you had the first accident.

What is the phenomenon? After the first accident we are far more cautious because….. we are afraid of having a second accident. Reality….. that increased caution makes one more likely to have an second accident. Thus the paradox: fear driven behavior is nearly self fulfilling. In the above example one is so afraid of having a second accident that they induce the second accident.

I listened to a speech the other day. The person said that most of his life he had been afraid of rejection. Guess what: he is single and many of the physical gestures during the speech were not attractive. We do our selves in.

Back to my August 30th post. People avoid peak performance out of fear of something. That “fear” in fact assures one that they will not get to peak performance and the “fear” will become reality even though they are not a peak performance.

We need a powerful way of dealing with FEAR: the dragons in our lives.     dragons

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