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Leadership Manager – David Carroll

About David Carroll

My mission statement

I am Anduril, a platoon leader in the western army,

transforming strongholds of mediocrity into

magnificence with my energy and creativity .


  • Worked with several hundred managers in commercial enterprises to improve their upfront presentation skills in a measureable ways
  • Have had the privilege of addressing audiences of as few as 10 and as many as 500 on multiple topics around the world
  • Extensive experience in managing business units both large and small since 1969
  1. Developed 15 business product lines from concept to a profitable business segment
  2. Managed the business units in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan,        and S. Korea
  3. Have placed leadership development processes in three companies
  4. Have worked dozens of times to re-focus leadership teams towards optimal


Current Profile

  • Leader – manager of a self development organization of 134 clubs and 2,800 members
  • Guiding small groups/ and personal coaching in presentation skills, time management, and leadership across Asia
  • Continuously working with engineer-presenters in the IT industry to sharpen the presentation/sales skills.



  • Public speaking skills to motivate and direct larger groups
  • Coach others to develop their presentation skills both for individual performances and in general
  • Organization skills to achieve optimal results with limited resources
  • Proactive leadership to gain commitment from colleagues
  • Leadership skills in moving good business segments towards great ones
  • Adept management skills to make business opportunities profitable
  • Guiding collaboration towards high performance outcomes
  • Coaching skills to enable team players to resolve personal issues
  • Guiding and leading skills to enable personal transformation
  • Time management skills to gain control over a mountain of responsibilities


Business Developer in Asia, S. America and the mid-East

Developed the business outreach for an American multinational consulting company This involved, hiring, training, developing, and supporting budgeting for new businesses from concept to profitability. Most current business success was developing a consulting company in Shanghai, China.

Manager Development Specialties

Time management skills to take control of your schedule when there is far more to do than there is time

Presentation skills to be more effective in influencing small or large audiences whether in a planned or spontaneous situation

Leader development skills to effectively manage individuals, teams, or large groups

Used these skills to start 12 new clubs, reenergize 10 clubs, and keep district 5 on the path to Distinguished District once again



Joined Toastmasters 1989 – DTM 1993

President: President Distinguished Club: 2006

Area Governor, President Distinguished Area: 2007

Div Governor, Distinguished Division: 2008

Lt Governor, Marketing: Distinguished District: 2009

Currently, Lt. Governor, Education and Training, District 5