Being Intentional when making presentation can be scary.

June 6, 2013 (San Jose, Costa Rica)

                As noted in my May 31st entry being intentional in general has risks, but being intentional when you are making a presentation can be more frightening.

  1. You are up front of the audience and everyone heard what you said
  2. People can take your words out of context and say all sorts of things about “what you said” and spread it around the world before you have even completed your presentation.

From my perspective the risks and benefits are the same as I noted below but they can happen very quickly and in real time. The benefits are enormous as you can present clearly and persuasively. You are open and transparent in front of the group. You do not need to hedge your words or way “what to say” since you are not being obscure or devious. As I guide people in how to present this way I find that they are very open and relaxed in front of the audience. They can pay attention to enrolling the audience in the conversation rather than being worried about what they are thinking about the presentation.  There is wonderful peace for the presenter.

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