Better than Average

August 30, 2015 (San Diego) – Better Than Average

I have just complete readying: Prosser, Daniel F. ; (2015), Thirteeners, Greenleaf Book Grp Press, (Austin, TX) . The findings by the author are that only 13% of companies are better than average: the values of the 2nd sigma. My findings, though just above anecdotal in depth, show the same level of performance done above average. A quote I heard today, “Fear more than mistake keeps people from above average performance.”

Wow, I could be fully capable of beyond “good enough” performance, and because of some un-researched “fear” I tie the hands of my full potential. All by myself. Yikes.

I think that a good reflection for us, you all, is what is your fear that may be binding your abilities?

                                                              standard distribution

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