March 5, San Diego,

A recommendations for all is to read the news 1 – 2 days after it so-called happens. This knee-jerk exploding head reporting will just annoy, frustrate, or something to you if you do not let it simmer for a day or two. Each explosive event seems to mellow out or at least get enough form after a few days that sense can be made of it.

If that is not doable for you at least listen carefully to what is explicitly said and not said. In this latest discourse about wire-tapping Trump tower what Trump is saying and what Obama is saying are not mutually exclusive. They could both be technically right and they both could be technically wrong based only on what they are explicitly saying. Three cheers for political speech: one can appear to be saying something quite transcendent, but in fact while appearing to be saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are in fact only deflecting inquiry.

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