Bringing a new employee into the fold

March 8, 2014 (San Diego)

Tender loving care (TLC) will go a long way with orienting a new player whether they are a high performing transfer, an apprentice, or an intern. They all come wanting to do a Strongergood job, highly motivated, and ready to go. What do they need?

Some job and politics orientation will be useful. How work gets done, what a good job looks like, time lines, who are the “go to people” etc. Though this may seem mundane in many organizations, orientation is anything but mundane. I get to do a lot of consulting work for an international tech company that does a lot of reorganizations. The technology experts are located all over the globe and with the regular reorgs, the “go to” tech person changes often. A new player working to figure out potentialthe “intelligence matrix” on his/her own can waste huge amounts of time and can become quite frustrated. Plus the current tech expert has no idea who the new person is nor the immediacy of their need. The tech experts responsiveness can be quite delayed.

I think some organizations or at least some managers treat this pursuit of the answer a “rite of passage.” “If they cannot handle this challenge how can they handle the ‘day job’”? Just maybe the nature of how the task 408px-Pompeii_Garden_of_the_Fugitives_02shows is different enough for some people. The job of working on systems to find problems can be quite different than working in systems to find people and have those once found be usefully responsive. Some new people have moved into the “quit and stay” mode of work. They do not seemed to be able to find the solution to the “intelligence matrix”, no one seems to be willing to help, and they cannot afford to quit.

The other part of the orientation needs to be the politics of the organization. There is the formal structure and then there is how things really get done structure. There are the people who provide answers and people who provide solutions. There are power brokers who do nothing without personal gain and there are those who will nearly drop everything to help another particularly someone new.

breatheAs we help “nuggets” (new guys) learn the ropes we speed up their adsorption into the man upman uporganization and minimize the time needed for the organization to be blessed by their gifts and talents they bring to the table.

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