Critical Actions rebooted

Critical Actions (CA’s) revisited. CA’s are those few actions/ activities in which a company or individual must have favorable results to be prosperous or successful.  CA’s are the sine qua non, in which there is nothing. If CA’s are not achieved with distinction all the other activities combined will not be able to make up the difference. Therefore it is the CA’s where a manager needs to focus his/her effort at developing the staff.  I am reminded of the segment in “Apollo 13” when the nature of the disaster was clearly understood: they needed to scrub the atmosphere of CO2 or they would die. Tom Hanks, as Neal Armstrong, needed to draw everyone’s attention to a few specific ca’s. If the atmosphere was not scrubbed of CO2 they would die. Nothing else matters. That is what ca’s are.

Once again I am part of a journey at making Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II a measureable success with a company. The will to move it forward and make the difference is there. That will power is an essential first step.

To gain the measureable difference is the next step. To gain a measureable difference will require that managers to use the model on essential activities, activities which I have labeled as CAs. To get individual managers to think through their “sea” of activities they manage and focus on the critical few that make their responsibility fulfilled is a challenge.  Part of the challenge there is to help them push the pause button in the daily deluge of activities and problems to be solved, activities and problems which already take more than the time allowed, and think of the bigger picture.  The second challenge is to help them get out of the mental rut that, “all their activities are critical.” This exercise is totally important when considering using Blanchard’s model on the job.  Since Blanchard’s model is about developing employees and taking time to do it, time which does not exists; where that time is used is beyond important.  If managers are actually going to use precious time to do something they have never done before to accomplish something they have never done before, but the company is doing “good enough” already, the payoff must be high in recouped time.

Let’s see how it moves forward this time.

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