Critical Conversations for leader effectiveness

October 18, 2012 (San Diego)            Wow, did you watch the debates? Did you just have a wonderful win-lose conversation with a family member or neighbor? I just had one with my neighbor. Lovely experience and it was over an inconsequential thing. What raised my ire was the feeling that he was taking funds from me without my permission and inferring I had no choice in the matter. Well, that will get me up on the step fast. 

            I have done several negotiating skills programs for a local utility company. I was helping craft conversations to work with customers. In one situation the utility company needed to have access to the metering box for safety issues. (The remote reading boxes take care of billing but not safety.) 3 acres of land around the house and a dog  No way was the owner going to have the dog restricted from the one location of the meter even though the law requires that the utility have access.

            By managing a critical conversation vi sa vi negotiation skills it was resolved that the meter would be moved to the edge of the property at the utilities expense so that ready access was available. Problem solved. This was arrived at by consensus. All parties felt that it was a win.  

            When the conversation are not managed well then there usually is resolution but by compromise. Compromise: we all can live with it but no one is happy.

            How much better and sustainable is the consensus over compromise and with lower blood pressure.

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