Decide to do leader activities

Nov 28, 2010

                Next Thursday I have the opportunity to share a key note address on developing leaders from within an organization. Here is a few extracts from the message to come.

How to develop a person in any skill area is well document and known by most managers. The question is not “how” mechanically but “how” within the existing morass of things to do. The mechanics of any job today take more time than most of us have to give in the first place and then to add development or others actions on top of that can become quite overwhelming.  I see a lot of managers “delegating” the development to a concept: “if you are any good you will figure it out on your own, after all that is what I had to do.”

Where does a person get the skills and time to consistently apply development to others in order to create a better than average organization?

  1. 1.       I believe it is a matter of the will and determination. You will be overcome by the achievement and day to day activities of the job. Guaranteed there is more to do than you have time to do it. Full stop. You must decide that you are going to do development activities.
  2. 2.       This decision will require good delegation and follow up. This will also mean that there is the possibility that some things might not get done as well as if you did them yourself. You cannot live with that in all areas but it is amazing how many areas when done “good enough” still allow for better than average overall results.
  3. 3.       This decision will require you knowing the critical actions, essential activities, (more on this in the next blog) around any focus of the job. This year I have been having a lot of conversation about employee development. As a leader I see everything in terms of how things add to or detract from employee development.
  4. 4.       The decision will require focus and continuity. This must be a “way of life” not just a “one off” announcement.


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