Expand your effectiveness upfront: tip #1

June 14, 2010:

I have the privilege of working with thousands of people who want to expand their effectiveness while in the front of an audience.

The 5 principles below are why people want to expand their effectiveness, now I will write one tip on several blogs of how to be effective.

TIP #1: Be passionate about your topic or do not be passionate:

Being passionate drives all other effectiveness aspects of your presentation. Think about the last time you were really “passionate” about something: amorous towards another, angry at the kids, really happy about the outcome from an employee. You did not need to tell yourself to be energetic, to have vocal variety, to demonstrate your position with body language. You were very passionate about the topic and your presentation backed you up. We all know how to be really pleased with something. We know instinctively how to communicate “really pleased.”

When we are upfront we tend to be neutral on a topic, but simultaneously try to be animated. Now there is a problem. The mind is both neutral and trying to tell the body to be animated. The body is confused because it “knows” both signals. This will definitely generate a “mixed signal” to the listening audience.

The tip: be passionate and let the body follow the emotion. The opposite side: if you do not really care about the topic, be careful if you are trying to “fake” the presentation skills.


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