Fake News – wow!

April 16 (Easter) in San Diego.

There seems to be 4 types of news if not more.

  1. Narrative accounting of the facts that have happened
  2. Narrative interpretation of the facts that have happened
  3. What will happed based on what has happened (prophesy)
  4. Fake news – it never happened.

I find option 3 totally annoying but at least I know it is happening. I find it annoying because our modern day prophets have no more idea than the peanut butter man what will happen. However, the trajectory is more often negative than positive, ‘chicken little.” If one is trying to raise one’s anxiety levels and blood pressure this is a good stimulus.

Option 4 requires the upmost diligence. The news reporter most often does not even know that the information is “fake”. The reporter is one piece of the conduit between a source and you and I as the viewer. So the reporter can be totally authentic and genuine as they are believing what they have received from the “conduit.” My protection is to

  1. Pause                      pause
  2. Discern             indifference
  3. Read widely
  4. Wait for tomorrow’s update.


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