Feed back to my self

Here is week two of my renewed effort to write. I am in transit in Germany on my way back to San Diego after three plus weeks in the mid-East.

Being amongst, people from other countries during such a riotous times as a US Presidential election is eye opening. I was working with Irish joint venture and two French multinationals. People were from everywhere and then there was the one American. They all want to know what I think, feel, project, etc. I am always interested in the thoughts they have. Thoughts that usually come from their own language media and local TV, website news outlets. To hear their points of view is humbling and enlightening. Their points of view are most interesting if they are certain you will not go crazy if you disagree with them. Seems Americans have quite a reputation for being “in your face” if things are said that are disagreed with. Certainly to conversations leading up to Nov 8th did nothing to dissuade that perception.

My coaching. Enjoy life. Travel outside the US and hear and read others perceptions of our country: warts and all.

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