Helping People Maximize their abilities


As I wrote the title I realized that was another way of stating my personal mission statement: “I am Anduril using my energy and creativity to help people move from mediocrity to trainingmagnificence.” Investing in others is the greatest gift from one person to another. This can be done formally as a manager to an employee, informally as a parent, or semi-formally as a sports coach.

No one has spare time beyond their fundamental contributions to life. To help people be more than just what they are today: they will need to prioritize in favor of their future and give something up to make the time available. Interesting to calendarwatch people try to make fit more in along with everything that is already filling their calendar to overflowing . It almost never fits. They squeeze and twist and manipulate the schedule until finally something gives: too much to do and not enough time to get it done. Now we find out where their priorities are.

 Part of people’s challenge is there also seems to be a scarcity of long range planning. There are too many tactical demands. To stop, look down the road 6 months and build backwards from there is not often done. 6 months, how about indifferencelooking down the road even 1 one month. Of course this adds to the tactical demand when the time comes due and they are not ready. They literally are stamping out the fires they created. I guess that makes them organization arsonists.

 For me the principle blessing of leading the others is helping them reach towards their maximum potential and then allow them to see the blessings in their lives jets1from operating beyond the routine: beyond just being mediocre. Most people have so much more they can give. If I can create the environment that allows them to shine, then they really shine. It is wonderful.

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