Hinges coming off of yesterday’s integrity?

November 29, 2015 (San Diego) – 

            I will muse for a bit here. When I was 5 Dwight Eisenhower was running for President. Obviously I did not catch much of the details then, but I have done some current reading. Seems like he had a few warts, but for the most part he was a leader with integrity and respect for others. Now I look at the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, and he seems to have neither integrity nor respect for others and, and it appears the “Trump-fans” are encouraging him forward on his current trajectory. Wow, the “most likely to vote” Republicans are indicating in the “polls” that his behavior is what they want in the President of the United States. From Eisenhower to Trump, wow we have fallen off a cliff of human relations here. Whatever was “right” and/or “honorable” in 1950 seems to be totally trashed in the minds of what 28% of the polled Republicans.

Do you want a President short on content but long on ripping others, threatening our neighbors, and saber rattling at the drop of the hat? As far as owning up to error he is nearly the Republican version of Hilary Clinton. As far as respect for others he demeans fellow Republicans with the same animus as Hilary does. Hard to see how that behavior best represent our country.

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