Justice and Hope

April 5, 2015 (San Diego) –

            I was outside church this morning, I saw these two words side by side: justice and hope.  As I began to think about the linkage between the words my thoughts went in this direction: when justice fades, hope for fairness between people erodes. When hope for fairness erodes then the probability of the growth of “every person for themselves” thinking grows. There will be a tipping point when the fading justice creates chaos of an irreversible magnitude.

Does hope need to fade as justice fades? Probably not. A person could double down and push, extol, for greater justice. However a paradox is here. To extol for greater justice one needs to stand on the existing foundation of justice and the law; the very foundation for which the “fading justice group” is pushing away from. It would appear that a power struggle would ensue:

  1. Those who are pushing some agenda that erodes justice and
  2. Those that are pushing for an agenda the holds up law and the present system of justice.
  3. Of course this is the very dilemma that existed in the 1760’s here in America.

The best I can do is to be a “light” of justice to all practical extent. I know I will be tested as I am also within and influenced by the ongoing effect of eroding justice. Thus I am affected by the tendency of wanting to watch out for #1 at the expense of justice. I know though tested I also have the “way of escape” to overcome and prevail in the test.

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