LINO revisited

June 15, 2016 Ras Tanura

I wonder to what degree indifference to people per se supports “Leadership in Name Only” (LINO)?  Iindifference have written on this twice before yet I still have feelings and thoughts on the topic.

We say that people are the “most important” resource and at one level we believe it if for no other reason the person who is saying it believes themselves to be “important and valuable”.  The collision of words and actions come in the daily conversations. The conversations are almost exclusively about the business and seldom about the people who get the business done.  Covey would say we are totally focusing on the golden egg at the expense of the goose as if that conversation alone would cause the goose to be more productive.

understanding 2I wonder what would happen if an organization gave 5% of its time exclusively to the conversation of the care and feeding of the goose? Lately I have been working with a ranching company. One of the product lines is dairy. To improve the volume of product they focus on the care and feeding of the cow, not the volume of milk. If you want more of something you look at the source not the outcome. Good process controls is not the source, people engineering the process controls is the source.

I know that time is an issue and I have written on about time before. We also know that productive clockpeople optimize the time that is available. They literally make time for the organization. People who are moderately engaged lose time for the organization. When managers are involved in the care and feeding of the employees, the engagement level of the employees goes up. We also know that the connecting needs to be genuine. Manipulative engagement is quickly understood for what it is, and is resolutely rejected.

Connecting with the employee purposefully and exclusively for 15 minutes a day. Wow, that would be something. Connecting in the domain of collaboration, decision making, conversation, or calendarempowerment. Make that 15 minutes a calendar event.


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