More Managing my time: self discipline

Jan 26, 2014 (Moscow)

I am conducting a two day time management program. Ostensibly the focus is the business application of managing one’s time. In this tactical customer service team the grid segment in Covey’s view on time: the grid labeled “important and urgent” occupies clock80% of the day. Another 15% of the day goes to Covey’s grid segment labeled: not important but urgent” which includes conference calls and routine business matters. The segment of the day which occupies maybe 15% of the time of life yet only gets 5% of the available time is labeled: important and not urgent.

What are the important but not urgent matters of your life? In this program 90% of the participants noted it was family matters and personal issues like exercise, professional improvement, planning, holidays, and vacation time. Does that seem familiar to you?

The post of Jan 5, 2014 noted that Sue Shellenbarger had found that planning these important but not urgent items on the calendar and then working life to free up that time was very therapeutic. This process made up far more effective during the planning time for two reasons:

  1. People were more effective because they      wanted those important – not urgent things for them selves
  2. Once they had the “off time” they were      more rejuvenated when back in the world of “urgent”.


Wouldn’t you like to enjoy more important – not urgent segments in your lifeasking questions and simultaneously be more rejuvenated during the “urgent segments”?

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