More problems with Employees?

March 28, 2014 (Washington, D.C.)

Who is non-performing, the employee or the supervisor? An employee appears to be sleeping during morning briefing.challenges (Oh how many managers have I seen that will not call that behavior out on the spot!) After the meeting the supervisor calls the person aside for a “few words only to be met with, “I was not sleeping. Here are the main points discussed.” If a regurgitation of the main points was the point then perhaps the employee was not technically sleeping. Of course the supervisor and the company wants more than a conscious employee, everyone wants an engaged employee.

 Though the employee has huge responsibilities to be engaged at all aspects of the job irrespective of the quality of the supervisor, maybe the supervisor can help the employee be more engaged. Look at the “what to do” section of my March 21 post. Expanding a bit: address the core issue: engagement and what it looks like. Maybe the atmosphere of the morning briefs is slightly sleep inducing. Maybe the briefing is OK but this employee needs to be more in the delivery of the brief. Supervisor, you can do something. Doing nothing is an option for the supervisor, but the other employees are already commenting to you. If you do nothing you appear to be endorsing the behavior. That may lead to discontentment and more disengaged behaviors

My coaching: do not let marginal behavior slide, it tends to hurt everyone.

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