Oh, Inconvenient Reality

November 8, 2015 (Harrisonburg, Va.) –

            I guess the “green influencers” of my Oct 17th blog did not get fast enough action from Obama. Just 3 days ago it was published that the net ice pack of the Antarctic is positive. That is certainly inconvenient for the “green influencers” when so much of their conversation on sea water level rising and the evidence of global warming has been based on measurements on the Antarctic ice fields.

            The “green influencers” asked that “climate dissenters” be punished.  Since science is Learningan ongoing discovery; if we were to close down the conversation based on yesterday’s discovery then the “world is flat”, “the sun revolves around the earth”, “the universe is infinitely old”, and “the Antarctic ice field is net diminishing” since these four statement were all “yesterdays” reality at one time and their opposite statement were/are high politically inconvenient. If we were not to “allow” any politically inconvenient discoveries we would be just like yesterday’s intolerance which would be quite ironic in our ultra tolerant society.

If we were to close down politically inconvenient discovery and conversation we would be expressing incredible hubris. A hubris which indicates we have the final truth and freedom bellanything “new” is wrong and its publication would only confuse and trouble the existing “truth.” The “new” would not add any value at all because we have the final truth already. Of course if they were successful in slamming all new “voices” they would by faint acompli have the “final truth” because nothing “new” would be allowed into the conversation. Imagine the effort it would take to crush reality. Look at all the effort it has taken to demonstrate man’s existence without the need for God only to have the entire effort crushed over the last 20 years by atheists confirming many realities of the “big bang” theory. I guess the “big bang” theory would need to be crushed by the “green influencers” as the big bang theory puts God into the equation and thus makes God the final voice on good stewardship of the planet not the “green influencers.” That would certainly be inconvenient reality for people who claim they have the final word on husbandry of the planet earth.

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