Out of the Box – Unexpectedly – #2

August 30, 2012 (San Diego)        

            Out of the box #1 is posted below on August 23rd.

            Have you ever been giving a presentation and someone asks one of those questions that totally catches you unprepared? FYI: I think some people are just good at intuiting those questions others are just inquiring without any specific motive.

            Anyway, the other day I was closing a meeting when an event not on the agenda but good for the group “popped” up. I in my “please everyone mode” worked to field the “pop-up.” I was going along OK until someone asked a particularly, for me, pernicious question. I could feel my entire body and soul react to the question. In my mind I asked “why was that question asked?” “I am having a difficult enough time dealing with the pop-up and now one more “pop-up”.

            Well off I go working to solve pop-up #2 while #1 is still pending. Wow, why did you not finish #1 before taking on #2? That is a reasonable question. Well when I get knock-off my game plan I start becoming dysfunctional and it shows. Pop-up #1 knocked me off my intended trajectory for ending the meeting, while #2 just did me in.

            In this situation I was “saved” by another group member who postponed the immediate needs of both “pop-ups”. The meeting ended and we all lived happily ever after.

            When it happened once before I saved myself by taking a deep breath, a drink of water, and agreeing with the “pop-up” and we lived happily ever after.

            Lessoned learned for me: when I am knocked off my game plan, stop. No heroics, no mental gymnastics, nothing elegant:

  1. just stop
  2. breathe
  3. get centered
  4. get clarity
  5. deal now or later ( for me it is mostly later)

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