“Potential Releasing”

Sep 7, 2013 (Dammam

            For the next 3 weeks I get to work with managers who want to be more  effective with their employees. For managers this means among other activities: improving their communications effectiveness. Most of them have the effectiveness out of the boxalready in themselves. My job is to either give them the skills to release the potential or give them the assurance that certain conversations will be effective at certain times while other conversations will be less effective.

Perhaps at some point in their life “the dark side of release (blog Sep1, 2013) “bit” them and they have resolved to be overly cautious. What we do is carefully help the managers examine the caution or lack of skills to consider other behaviors that willOrange Man Detective with Magnifying Glass help them with their employees. Over the years I have seen managers experience the blessing of communications effectiveness with staff development, literal joy has happened (blog Aug 23, 2013) from that connection. Carney and Getz (blog Aug 15, 2013) take the blessing one step further and demonstrate the very positive business impact of positive engagements between co-workers. When I have worked over a prolonged period of time with clients I also have seen the positive impact on organization result of the released and aimed communications potential of a manager.

My blog of 8 August reminds me that communications effectiveness is not about “control” but “influence.” If a manager wants to improve their communications effectiveness in order to have more control over the employees their motive will under mind the otherwise excellent communication possibility. People do not want to be controlled, but they are open to influence.

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