“Releasing the full potential”

Nov 2, 2014 (San Diego

I have just begun to read “Freedom, Inc.” by Carney and Getz. Wow, the first chapter brings together all that I have been focusing on in the leadership portions of my blog; in the leadership development that I have been doing; and in the bottom line impact of the full development of your staff.

If we as leaders will help our people by building an environment where they can use their full potential then most people will use their full potential. However, if we have a repressive environment where permission and guidance is needed for Go for the Goldeverything then people will keep their potential for another day or another company. It is not that they do not want to use their potential, they are just not allowed to use it. It is like being a kid and needing to get permission for everything.

The authors make it clear that getting such a working environment takes time and courage: time to change how the workforce sees management, their work, and themselves. It takes time for management to change how they see themselves, their role, and the workforce.1980 miracle on ice

I will write more on my epiphanies from the book. Better still get the book and study it for yourselves.

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