Test that thought again

September 13, 2015 (San Diego) – Test that thought again             One would hope that the “James Blake” mistaken arrest in New York would be a one-off event. When similar events happen to one’s self it is an eye opener. No I was not falsely arrested nor was my event with the police. My event had the common thread with James Blake as experiencing the capricious use of blunt force power without even so much as a check-in with the person.  challenges I had done an online registration of a single group as part of a larger collection of groups. The registration had been in place for 3 weeks and the first confirmation of a group meeting had been done. I have been a member of the larger group for 12 years. Out of the blue the group was removed from the site with the group registrations. When I checked with the coordinator it was unknown why the group was removed. A guess was put forth that one of the other coordinators might have “cleaned” up the site and my group was removed by error. But why do anything without checking? All the contact data is there. No one is going anywhere. There are no financials involved. Perhaps, just perhaps we are getting too linked into too many things and thus it is too much  trouble to check before taking action. Perhaps the thinking is “just take the action” and if it is wronindifferenceg the person will complain and fix it. Humm, seems like “customer beware.” Or perhaps, it is an issue of power, responsibility, and frustration. As our country slips towards anarchy and people doing what they think is right with little to no accountability, people with power tend to do the same thing. Perhaps even thinking that they can do whatever they want to do? With people in power not using the prescribed channels to get things done perhaps others are beginning to do the same thing?      This will get way out of control before it begins to fix itself.  exploding

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