The Devil and “False Narratives”

In last week’s post I wrote that I must pay much more attention to the details of the spoken and written word as some details may be technically true yet positioned in a way that presents a deception. Alas, this week there has been several discussion about “fakes news” or what I will label “false narratives”.

Fake news, false narratives, lying: the distinctions are moot. Let’s look at the Trump – President of Taiwan phone call. It was first reported that Trump phoned her. Half day later it was she phoned him. It certainly was not a spontaneous call as it has been reported that it was “set up” by several “go-betweens.” (Forgot the names.)

The next level of horror was that China will retaliate for Trump breaking the “One China” policy as if the  phone dragonscall was the only item between the two countries and that China has been fully abiding by all its responsibilities and agreements. Not.

The news was real but the positioning was totally projecting what horror might happen, but project in a way that made the probability a foregone certainty. That certainly is a false narrative. Yes something may surely come of it and I am sure the “false narrative” generators will make the most of it.

For anyone reading this post I have two suggestions.

  1. When any huge event happens, or an event that appears huge, or an event that is presented as huge happens: pausepause and breathe. Give it some time to percolate.
  2. Read widely and in depth.

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