“The Devil came a-courting

August 10, 2011 (from Jakarta) “The Devil came a-courting and discomfort followed” The Devil did get his foot in the door, my July 26th blog, on Friday, 5 Aug and the discomfort was felt, my August 1st blog, far and wide. Wow, did you hear the discomfort expressed in the “blame game”, finger pointing, and doomsday scenarios that ensued? What to do?

My personal best option is to learn from such events. What did I learn? 1. Breathe – take a deep breath before I even consider doing anything reactive like a massive adjustment to my meager savings or going crazy with anxiety.

2. Review my own history – what did I learn in the early 2008 precipitous adjustment in the nations financials? Do not do anything without thinking.

3. Listen / read multiple commentaries – I read several newspapers which was particularly useful as I was out of the country, so I was getting a very unique perspective.

4. Look at the bigger picture of global events – this is the USA’s immediate pain but there are many things of more urgent matter going on in Libya, Syria, and the horn of Africa. This event is important but on the scale of things pales in comparison to the famine in Africa.

5. I hope the Washington leadership team got the message from S&P and the global reaction to it. Being a reprobate family barrower has ended one way or the other.

6. I hope my fellow Americans “see” that the days of other countries paying $.43 on the dollar of our extravagant ways is finished and more pain will follow.

As I learn, I grow, and I am more able to deal with the next time the devil puts his foot in the door. Amen. .

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