The Devil Really is in the details

I guess I am going to need to pay more and more attention to the details of what is said and implied.

Hillary did win the popular vote. Yes indeed she did. However, the way it is talked about one would think that this was childrena broad vote across America which was only usurped by the Electoral College. Not so fast. Roughly speaking Trump won the popular vote in 49 states by about 850,000 but lost it in California by 3,400,000 votes. Alas, Hillary wins the popular vote by 2,500,000 ish.

No denying the pdragonsopular vote win for Hillary. The demon though is not the Electoral College. If there is a demon it is that we are a Federal Republic with significant State-power. Thus the other 49 States to count. California: shock to you, you are just one of 49, not the end all and do all of the United States.

Seems sometimes that our passion for a position way out weighs the reality of the facts so we then shift into broad homilies and hope others do not delve into the details.


My coaching for myself and other, become detail mongers.

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