The Goal “reloaded” for commitment

June 19, 2016                              

            In my post of March 18, 2011 I wrote on goals and their importance.

           Allow me to take a slightly different tact today.

           Our goals should direct our energy and commitment for day to day, hour to hour allocation of time and energy.

           As the adage goes: “if you are not working on your goals you are using your time for someone else’s goals”. I find it hard to imagine that on a regular basis someone else’s thoughts and aspirations would be more important for another person’s life and future than their own. Yet on a daily basis I see people not willing to commit to time investment they could make in order to be flexible for any activity that might come along. The thought goes that ‘I will miss out if I commit.” True enough one will always “miss out” on everything there is to do once you have chosen to do a particular task. However, if the particular task you do chose is part of your life goals and mission then that focus is strategic for you.

            The outcome I get is the summation of the choices I make. If I make choices based on specific goals then the outcomes are more likely to align with those goals. If I make choices based on someone else’s goals I will get outcomes that are aligned with those choices. If I make choices based on my mood for the moment then I will get sporadic and meaningless outcomes. Focus on what is really important to you and act on the outcome of that focus. You are more likely to be pleased with what is coming into being in your life.

            I am involved with Toastmaster, a self development skill building organization. Every fortnight I build the agenda for our 1 hour development program. 1 hour in two weeks to focus on self improvement: a minimal time footprint for great personal skill building. The turnover in the agenda over the last 3 days before the 1 hour program has been at least 60%. Clearly the goal and subsequent activities for self improvement are happenstance, lacking in motivation and importance. I have been richly blessed by my membership in Toastmasters. Blessed enough that I regularly hear people say that they wish they could be a Toastmaster with the same skills that I have. That is totally possible based on the choices they make and the time they invest for improvement. If the choice is for the goal of skill building they can become even better than myself. If their choices are based on happenstance their skill development will suffer.

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