The “other 6%” The will to progress

Jan 18, 2015 (San Diego) –

            A bit late, but “better late than never”:  a happy and prosperous New Year to you.

In my Dec 14th blog I wrote that I would write on the “will to progress”.

My experience as a manager and consultant is that almost anyone can

                                 get to be one of the 6%ers on their critical tasks if they want to. Their

                                 major obstacle is their will to progress and having a coach to help them

                                 move from average to way above average.

                                      In my next blog I will write about the ‘will to progress.’”

              I get to do a lot of training of managers. They gain skills and get the practice those skills while we are together. The amount of application after the session is often very low. They said that the information was good. The presentation was good. The usefulness was good. What then happened to application?

For the 9% who already have the discipline skills to apply a new skill without additional guidance, you can forgo the rest of this blog entry. For the rest of us, read on.

A key tool that I use to systematically begin learning a new skill or to perform a non-routine task that is calendarcumbersome for me like completing my taxes I use my calendar.

  1. I schedule 15 minutes to 30 minutes a couple of times / week to work on the task or the new skill
  2. More time than that will prove overwhelming as our plate is already full
  3. I need to start the task with enough 15 – 30 windows to complete the task before the deadline
  4. I need to know what the deadline is
  5. If I miss a scheduled “window” I need to do two thingsclock
  1. Reschedule as the deadline is coming
  2. Check why I missed the window. I may need to rethink the planuntil the day before you meet with your tax preparer or the 13th of April and go into “crash” mode to either get the taxes done or file for an extension. Either last minute action will require more time and can potentially set you up for error. Not good.
  3.             Take the easier road and systematically schedule things on your calendar. Try it once you will like it.
  4. Of course you can completely forgo all this proper planning and just leave it

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