The power is in the presenter not the ppt

October 18, 2010

                                            Sao Paulo reloaded

                I was privileged to go to Sao Paulo again.  Love the people and their energy to learn powerful business applications. This time I was able to help energize their sales presentations skills when supported by power-point. Love it.

                It is amazing to see how much of the sales presentation is driven by the dynamics of the presenter and how little of the power of the presentation comes from the data. Of course that is truly ironic as most sales people agonize over the data and the beauty of the power-point and spend little or no time considering the effectiveness of the presenter.

Sep 30, 2009                         Enlightenment from Sao Paulo

               Last week I was in Sao Paulo presenting a program on time management. It really is a personal power program. As I was working with the participants, it became very clear that the maximum benefit toward personal power from this program is helping the participants unload the “mental ram.”

               When we attempt to keep a lot of thoughts, activities, to-do things, numbers, on our mind in active memory, we are loading down what I refer to as the “mental ram.” If those things that we are trying to keep in memory could be put somewhere ‘reliably in existence’ then the mind could be freed up to do something that it is really good at: processing information and creating new ideas. Your company hired you predominantly for your ability to think, not your ability to remember.  When those thinking processes are loaded down in the mental ram, then our key contribution to the company loses some of its ability.

               Free up the ‘mental ram’ by taking things off the mind and putting them reliably in existence. This is a powerful way to be more productive on the job and a lot less stressed: perhaps two sides of the same coin.


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