Tip #2: Determine the intention of your presentation

November 5, 2010:       My first tip posted on June 24th was “be passionate about your topic or do not be passionate.”Ok, I am passionate about my topic,

now TIP #2 my intention:

Do I intend to share the passion, involve the others in the passion, persuade the others to become passionate also, or delegate the passion and have the audience move it forward? Based on my clear intention of the speech from my perspective I can then determine how to arrange the data of the message. If I am sharing data for information purposes only, then making the data attractive, keeping the audience’s attention, and making the data memorable will all be important. On the other hand if my intention is to move the audience to action as a result of hearing the message, not only do I need to do all the above I also need to get the audience to own some action as a result of the message. I need to connect with intrinsic needs of the audience to allow them to see that resultant action is in their best interest. The current political contests in the USA were a clear example that a speaker is greatly hindered if he/she attempts to get the audience to do something of great magnitude, but their personal history or integrity does not support the plea. The more your speech tends towards a call to action the more the speaker had better best be “connected” to the audience. This of course is true for speeches as well as leadership.


  1. Genuine passion is irreplaceable. When you give a speech, David, your passion comes through but it is subtle. That’s not a bad thing because it is also genuine. When fellow Toastmasters evaluate my presentations they often tell me that my passion comes through loud and clear. When you point out the importance of connecting with the audience you are spot on. It’s only through addressing the needs of the audience that your passion becomes more than just a show–it has its desired effects. In the next few weeks I’ll have a video up of parts of my presentation showing the four keys to success through healthy lifestyle choices. It will be at http://www.healthyyouonline.net under the “Wellness Speaker” tab. You will see my passion and I hope you will see me connecting to the needs of the audience watching the video on the internet.

  2. Tom. Thank you for your comments. Look forward to viewing your “wellness” presentations. Pls alert me when they are posted.

  3. Rhonda Walthall says:

    I liked your comments about intention and passion. The statement about the USA politics may be lost on audiences outside the US or on audiences that do not care about politics.

  4. Rhonda, thanks for you comments. Always need added insight to stay relevant.

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