Tips #3 – It is not about you

July 12, 2014 (Jeddah)

You are the person up front. You are the message, however you are not there for your sake alone but to give a gift to the audience. Your audience wants to receive your gift – the message – and they want you to be successful in giving them the gift.

The audience has invested time, money, and effort to be there to hear your message. They want to believe they have made a good decision and that their investment is worthwhile. Since there are so many other things they could be doing with their time, there must have been an intrinsic need to be fulfilled that persuaded them to invest their time with you. The energy of the group is going your way before you even began.

To leverage the audience’s energy that is going your way build rapport with them. Learn something about them and what may be going on in their lives that might have been part of the reason they are there. As you are giving your message connect with them through eye contact, questions, relevant stories, and self disclosure. Let them see that in some respect their need is your need. You are in a common place with them yet through the message you have found a way to maintain yourself in the “midst of it all.”

You become one with the audience. It is not a you and them dynamic, but a we dynamic.

It is not about you          children       but about “us.”



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