Where do people get any time from?

From your perspective Urgent Not Urgent
Important 1. A crisis. Will almost always get time and immediate attention 2. The domain of your ongoing future.

Not Important

3. A crisis imposed by another. Will usually gain time and attention. 4. Just for fun. Company outings, dinners, etc. Where one gets to just enjoy being with others.


April 02, 2016 (Seattle)

Your initial surge of “new time” will be coming from the “time wasters” of blocks 3 and 4.

Block 3 time wasters are mostly exerted on you by others. Meetings that do not need your attendance. Help others on things just to be nice. Interruptions. Popular things that are not necessary.

Block 4 time wasters are the “do it to yourself” time wasters. Games on your phone. Prolonged lunches. Junk mail. Mindless TV.

To overpower these time wasters takes discipline upfront.

Will you do it for yourself so that you can begin creating a better life for you and the others you care about?

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